Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perl IRC Bot

    So I've decided to learn Perl. It seems like a good language to learn as it's what is usually used for small hacks and quick and dirty scripts. So after the usual small, useless projects (Calculator, Guess my Number, etc) I decided to make an IRC bot.
    I spend most of my day on IRC channels. Mostly #HBH on! I decided to make a bot to log everything while I'm away at school (Which starts tomorrow :() I've made good progress and all I have to do is make it connect via ssl and it'll be ready to go! Some of it's functionality is giving/taking ops, saving all conversations to a file, greeting and saying goodbye to people and sleeping and waking.
    Anywhoo, that's all with me! If anyone knows about connecting via ssl in perl, the comments are open.

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  1. So, how are you doing up here? Haven't seen you in a while. btw, what do you use for your commenting system. I like the dropdown options :)